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Ductilcrete is a major leap forward in concrete surfaces. This enhanced concrete system produces slabs and pavements that are flatter, stronger and more economically maintained, with installation costs that are competitive to traditional designs.

A proprietary blend of additives self-encapsulates and self-cures the concrete, creating a closed system that virtually eliminates the moisture loss that causes curling. As skilled concrete contractors, we can ensure that Ductilcrete is properly mixed, poured and finished to achieve:

  • 70% reduction in floor joints
  • Increased load-bearing capacity
  • Flatter, more durable and ultra-smooth surfaces
  • Greater resilience to the effects of salt and other maintenance materials

Significantly fewer floor joints creates a surface that is more attractive over time. The end result is a superior facility with improved operating efficiencies—providing a clearly visible basis for preference in leasing and a higher perceived retained value at lease renewal.

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